Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Top Council Boss Earns 1663% more than lowest paid

Shock new figures obtained from Manchester City Council shows that the highest paid employee gets paid sixteen times more than the lowest paid. Exclusive figures shown to the Manchester Evening News reveal the lowest paid worker at Manchester Council is paid just £12,489 per year. The highest paid employee is Chief Executive Sir Howard Bernstein who earns more than £ 203,000 last year.

Manchester's Lib Dem Leader Coun Marc Ramsbottom called for a radical overhaul of pay within the Council. "The gap between the lowest paid and the top earns must be reduced. The ratio should be a maximum of 10 to 1, but the current gap is 16 to 1 and the Council must take action to reduce
gap this over time" he said.

Chorlton Lib Dem Coun Victor Chamberlain who obtained the figures said "When Ed Milliband was running for Labour leader he called for a £7.60 minimum wage for UK workers . The Labour City Council does not even abide by this standard and provide dignity in work. It is not right for Council bosses to earn sixteen times more than the lowest earners." he said.

Note 1: Below is a table provided by the Council showing a breakdown of the
number of MCC staff on each pay grade.

Note 2: Lowest salary - SCP 6= £12,489 (this is the bottom point of Grade
1)Highest salary - £203,934

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