Monday, 30 April 2012

Simon Hughes MP: Lib Dems do it better

In times like these, deciding who will run your council is more important than ever. Who will look after your money? Who will make scarce resources go further?

Labour councils have been spending millions on cars, redesigning their own plush offices and even suggesting a wine terrace. Labour councillors in Hull spent £8,000 on a new silverware cabinet!

Read more about Labour’s abysmal record of council spending here.

We need councillors who spend money wisely.

And the Conservatives are no better!

In Cambridgeshire they gave themselves a 19% pay rise, in Hammersmith and Fulham they spent £7,000 on a leaving party for their Chief Executive, and in Seaford they put up council tax by almost 10% to help pay for a Jubilee party.

We need councillors who spend money to protect services.

Liberal Democrats are making the right calls for their communities in difficult times.

Unlike Labour and the Conservatives, every Liberal Democrat council in England is freezing council tax. We’re opening libraries in Cardiff, Portsmouth and Bristol and our councils are more likely than any other to give low-paid workers a pay rise.

You can help us elect more Lib Dem councillors on Thursday by voting for us at your local polling station. You don't need your polling card to vote. If you're not sure where your polling station is, you can contact your local council.

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