Friday, 6 April 2012

Tim Farron replies to Lib Dem members’ letter: “Britain must be more liberal and free with Liberal Democrats in power, not less”

Lib Dem President Tim Farron has today sent this reply to the letter I co-signed yesterday:-
Thanks very much for the letter, I will raise this directly with Nick and his team. I think you probably know my views on this matter. As a Liberal I was extremely concerned by the press reports of new surveillance powers potentially to be included in the Queens Speech. I also agreed very much with Julian Huppert’s article on Lib Dem Voice — there must be no question of the authorities having universal internet surveillance powers. We are reasonable people and we should be prepared to look at what will now be draft legislation with an open mind, but we should be prepared to put our foot down and pull the plug if we consider the proposals to be illiberal. We must not as Liberal Democrats fall into a position of trying to amend, unpick or apologise for a piece of authoritarian Tory policy. Over the last couple of years we have made some mistakes, which is OK so long as we learn from them. This is our opportunity to put those lessons into practice. Britain must be more liberal and free as a result of Liberal Democrats in power, not less. The proposals as they were first set out undoubtedly cross a red line, we’ve crossed enough of those already – no more. Tim Farron MP President of the Liberal Democrats

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