Monday, 20 December 2010

Snowy Chorlton

Chorlton looks fantastic with all the snow and it's looking like we may have our first White Christmas in many years. However with the snow comes a lot of disruption and I know a lot of people have been finding it difficult driving and walking around Chorlton.

This is a map of all the gritted roads in Chorlton ward:

That's Barlow Moor Road, Manchester Road, Wilbraham Road, High Lane, Edge Lane, Egerton Road North, Buckingham Road, Brantingham Road, Oswald Road, Kensington Road, Longford Road, Beech Road, St Clements Road, Chorlton Green, Ivygreen Road, Kingshill Road, Brookburn Road and Claude Road.

There are also seven grit bins across Chorlton:

Oswald Road near the junction with Claridge Road
Brantingham Road / Buckingham Road
Beech Road near to sheltered accommodation.
Chorlton Green (on the path next to the cemetery)
Vicars Road / St Clements Road
Brundretts Road / Brahbam Close
Hampton Road / Wilbraham Road

I think this is woefully inadaquate for a ward of Chorlton's size. That one grit bin for every 2000 people! In the Summer the Labour Council prommised Chorlton an additional 11 grit bins. However they have only installed an additional four bins. Furthermore the Council has not ensured they are regularly topped up. I have been inspecting them regularly and have requested empty bins to be restocked. However if you come across an empty bin please let me know and I will get it refilled. I will also continue alongside Cllr Paul Ankers to press the Council to give us the 11 bins we were prommissed and ensure we are preppared for the Winter Weather.

Please also let me know if you are aware of anyone who may need additional support during the cold and icy weather.