Friday, 28 November 2014

More needs to be done to help South Manchester carers

On Carers Rights Day more needs to be done to support the 8302 carers in South Manchester who are the unsung heroes of the system.

New research by Carers UK shows there are 2720 people who begin caring annually in South Manchester.

Carers save the state tens of billions of pounds a year and the Liberal Democrats have created a package of measures to support carers as part of our pre-manifesto.

The package includes raising the amount carers can earn before losing their allowance.

It also contains measures for more flexible working hours, support in returning to the jobs market and a scheme informing carers of their rights and giving them access to facilities.

This follows Lib Dem plans announced earlier this year to introduce an annual Carer’s Bonus of up to £250.

The carers in South Manchester all do a remarkable job. We need to make sure they receive the support they need.

Carers contribute so much to our economy and society we want to make it easier for them to stay in work and balance their caring responsibilities with other parts of their lives.

The Liberal Democrats believe in offering opportunity for everyone in order to build a stronger economy and a fairer society and that means really valuing the work that informal carers do, day in day out.

Liberal Democrat Health Committee Co-Chair Paul Burstow said: "Carers are the unsung heroes of our care system. In Government Liberal Democrats have legislated new rights to support and fund more breaks for carers.

"Our carer’s package of measures recognises the huge contribution carers make. It aims to offer the right support at the right time to carers in work, when dealing with the NHS and financially.”