Thursday, 25 October 2012

Labour Council’s £19million Consultants bill is an “insult to residents”

Labour Council’s £19million Consultants bill is an “insult to residents”

Recently uncovered figures show Manchester Council spent a staggering £18.9m on Consultants’ fees in the last three years.
Marc Ramsbottom who is standing to be the first Lib Dem MP for Manchester Central in next month’s By-Election slammed the Council: “It is an insult to residents that our arrogant Labour Council is cutting frontline services whilst handing over vast sums to Consultants.
It is simply wrong for the Council to be cutting lollipop wardens and putting Surestart centres at risk so they can line the pockets of well off consultants.”
The figures requested by Chorlton Lib Dem Councillor Victor Chamberlain in June have only just been released: “Last year the Council said it had to lay off 2000 employees; how many jobs and services could have been saved if this money was used?
The Council is obviously embarrassed by these shocking figures because it has taken them nearly four months to release this information; despite having a legal obligation to release the information after 28 working days. This is not the transparency Manchester residents expect.”
The figures also show that over the last three years the Council has spent £106k on Foreign Travel for Councillors and officials; including to exotic destinations such as Barbados, LA, New York, Nice and Venice.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Former Policeman lays out plans to be Police Commissioner

Former Policeman and Lib Dem Police Chief candidate, Matt Gallagher, will today launch his manifesto detailing his plans if elected as Greater Manchester’s first Police and Crime Commissioner. Mr Gallagher describes how he plans to cut bureaucracy to increase the number of visible police officers and improve Police response times. Matt is also proposing to establish a panel of Assistant Commissioners to ensure overlooked groups are represented in Policing and to provide a direct link to Greater Manchester communities. Matt grew up in Chorlton and still lives in the area.
Other proposals outlined include:
  • a groundbreaking Apprenticeship scheme.
  • A Police station in every community
  • Public Safety Reps on some Bus routes to tackle Anti Social Behaviour.
  • A Commissioner’s Annual Award to ten young people from across Greater Manchester who have done something to improve the image of young people.
  • Regular surveys with residents to ensure priorities are right
  • Greater links between PCSOs and communities
  • A change in the law to allow the Commissioner to recover the costs of court cases from Criminals.
  • A change in the law to block mobile phione signals in Prisons
Matt Gallagher, who has 30 years experience of fighting crime in Greater Manchester, said: “As a former frontline Police Officer I know what Greater Manchester residents need and want from the Police. My manifesto outlines how I will make the police more effective, efficient and responsive.
If I am elected I will put residents and victims first and make Criminals pay.”
Under Matt’s proposals the Assistant Commissioners are appointed and funded by the groups they represent. Matt’s Apprenticeship scheme would see Police probationer training carried out before new recruits are sworn in as PCs so that they can spend more time on front line policing.
For more information about Matt’s background please see:
Published & Promoted by R. Marbrow on behalf of M Gallagher (Liberal Democrats) both at 87a Castle St, SK3 9AR

Friday, 19 October 2012

Government gives £35million to boost Greater Manchester Economy and create jobs

Marc Ramsbottom, Liberal Democrat candidate
for the Manchester Central By-Election
Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrat Leader, has today announced that Greater Manchester is to receive a £35million cash injection to boost Greater Manchester's economy and to create jobs.
The investment from the Government's Regional Growth Fund will be given to Greater Manchester's Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to support large projects in the private sector which have the potential to create new jobs.
Marc Ramsbottom, Liberal Democrat prospective Parliamentary candidate for the Manchester Central By-Election, said: "This is excellent news for Manchester. This money will help create lasting jobs and provide a real boost to our City."

"Manchester has already been very successful in bidding for money from the regional growth fund. In previous rounds we have secured investment for the Former Royal Eye Hospital, Siemens, a Loan Fund for small businesses and money for Council leaders to spend around the region. This just shows how the Liberal Democrats in Government are committed to supporting Manchester's growth and rebalancing our economy away from London and the Banks."

Thursday, 18 October 2012

“Twenty’s Plenty” on Greater Manchester roads says Lib Dem PCC Candidate

Cllr Victor Chamberlain (Left), John Leech MP (second left),
Lib Dem Transport Minister Norman Baker MP (second right)
and Lib Dem PCC candidate Matt Gallagher (right)
Former policeman and Lib Dem Police Chief candidate, Matt Gallagher, is calling for Greater Manchester Councils to tackle their “scandalous” road safety record by implementing a blanket 20mph speed limit on all residential roads. 

Greater Manchester has the North West’s highest rate of overall pedestrian casualties. Last year 744 people were needlessly killed or seriously injured on Greater Manchester’s Roads and over 7000 people were hurt. Matt is calling for 20mph to become the speed limit on all residential roads, excluding major routes. Lowering urban and residential speed limits to 20 mph has been found to decrease child pedestrian accidents by up to 70%. In Portsmouth the 20mph limit on all residential roads has reduced casualties by 22%. 

Matt Gallagher, who has 30 years experience of fighting crime in Greater Manchester, said: “As a former frontline Police officer I have seen the devastating and fatal impact speeding has. There are still far too many people needlessly killed or injured on Greater Manchester’s Roads. Greater Manchester Councils need to take this issue more seriously. I want to work with them to tackle this scandalous situation. An extra couple of minutes on a journey is worth it if it means saving the life of just one child.” 

“The vast majority of the people support reducing the speed limit because it not only makes our roads safer it also encourages more people to walk and cycle. This reduces traffic noise, pollution and carbon emissions. Blanket 20mph limits also benefit the Police by reducing the crash investigation workload for Traffic Police freeing them up to go after Criminals. 

“The Liberal Democrats in Government have cut bureaucracy and made it easier to implement 20mph speed limits; I want Greater Manchester to take advantage of this to help save lives and make our streets pleasant for all road users. 

"We need 20mph limits where people live, work and play.”

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Lib Dems say Twenty is Plenty

With John Leech MP, Lib Dem Transport Minister Norman
Baker MP and Matt Gallagher, Lib Dem candidate to be
Grt Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner
promoting 20mph limits in Central Manchester
Last week Liberal Democrats passed the 20 is Plenty – Saving Lives on the Road motion at their Autumn Conference, which calls for a dramatic expansion of a 20mph speed limit in the UK.

I was delighted to get the oppertunity to attend the debate and vote for the motion. Liberal Democrats have been leading the way on road safety. In Lib Dem-led councils, local speed limits of 20mph have proven successful in reducing the number of pedestrian deaths on our roads.

Moving towards a national 20mph limit in residential areas is the right thing to do to further lower our road fatality rate and it is clear the public are backing this approach.

Julie Townsend, the deputy chief executive of Road Safety charity Brake, said: "Brake strongly welcomes this recognition by the Liberal Democrats that 20mph is the most appropriate speed limit on residential streets.

“Slowing down to 20 gives drivers far more chance to react in an emergency and avoid hitting someone, significantly reducing the threat posed to the most vulnerable road users.”

Chorlton MP announced as Culture, Media and Sport Spokesperson

Last week John Leech MP was announced as the Liberal Democrat spokesperson on Culture, Media and Sport.

John will take up his position as Co-Chair of Lib Team Parliamentary team on Culture, Media and Sport alongside Baroness Jane Bonham-Carter and Baroness Floella Benjamin.

John Leech said, “The Olympics and Paralympics have shown how important sport is in the UK and because of my particular interest in sport I am delighted to be appointed.

I have taken over from Don Foster who had such of wealth of experience in culture and media and I hoping to continue in his footsteps in culture and media and bring additional knowledge from my sporting interests. Don Foster will be a tough act to follow, he must be congratulated on his long overdue promotion.“

John Leech has been a season ticket holder at Manchester City for 28 years and is avid amateur dramatics fan. Despite his busy diary he still finds time to attend (almost) every Man City home game as well as regularly performing for the Manchester Road Players Amateur dramatics Group.

Chorlton Planning applications from late September '12

Below are recently submitted Planning Applications in the Chorlton area. You can find out more information about any of the proposals on the City Council's Planning Portal at or by contacting the South Area Planning Group Manager - Roger Hall; Tel: (0161) 234 4536; email: . You can also make a Planning representation (in support or opposition) to Mr Hall or the designated planning officer for each application. Please feel free to contact me on (07947383740; if you wish to discuss any application and please also send me a copy of any representation you make.

100510/TCA/2012/S1 7 South Drive Chorlton Manchester M21 8DX
Works to tree

100298/FH/2012/S1 59 South Drive Chorlton Manchester M21 8DZ
Installation of dormer to rear

100326/FH/2012/S1 49 Barlow Hall Road Chorlton Park Manchester M21 7JL
Erection of two storey rear extension including installation of two dormer windows

100446/FO/2012/S1 276 Barlow Moor Road Chorlton Park Manchester M21 8HA
Installation of 2no. 2.4m high, double-leaf pedestrian access gates to alleyway

100509/FH/2012/S1 14 Aldermary Road Chorlton Manchester M21 7QN
Erection of two-storey side extension and part single, part two-storey rear extension to form additional living accommodation

100484/FH/2012/S1 40 Vaughan Road Manchester M21 0YL
Erection of single-storey side and first-floor rear extension to form additional living accommodation together with singlestorey, detached garden store

Friends of Longford Park's Soul and Motown Concert

As part of monthly centenary celebration events the Friends of Longford Park group is holding a 60s night of soul and Motown featuring the band Black and Gold on October 12 at the Longfords, Trafford Athletics Stadium, Rye Bank Road. Doors open 7.30pm. Black and Gold are a 12-piece Lancashire band covering music from Dusty Springfield and Wilson Pickett to Sam Sparrow and Bill Withers. Tickets are £8 and available in advance, call Sonia 864 2414.

Also,  you might be interested to know that Longfords Athletic club Over 50s have started running a keep fit group. The session is held every Tuesday at 11am, first session free then £3 a session. More details can be found at

Monday, 1 October 2012

Manchester Lib Dems slam Council’s £425k Alicia Keys concert

Reacting to the news that Labour runManchester Council spent £425,000 on an Alicia Keys’ concert last week, Councillor Simon Wheale, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Manchester City Council, said:
“It is absolutely appalling that Manchester’s Labour Town Hall bosses have committed a monumental, ‘empire state’ scale of spending on one concert whilst putting the future of Sure Start Centres in doubt and whilst saying Lollipop Wardens must be laid off.
The proposal to spend nearly half a million pounds on this one event has not been put before a single Council Committee for discussion or approval. I will be writing to the Chief Executive of the City Council to ask which Labour Executive Councillor gave the go ahead for this crazy decision.
It is unbelievable that hundreds of thousands of pounds are now been spent on one night’s concert – surely with a brilliant star like Alicia Keys and a great venue like the Cathedral, private sponsors would have been queuing up to support MTV with this event without huge spending from Manchester Council taxpayers.”
Marc Ramsbottom, Lib Dem Candidate in the Manchester Central By-Election said: “Liberal Democrats in Manchester have called for a Musical Hall of Fame to be set up to promote tourism based on our musical heritage, on a permanent basis, at minimal cost, within one of our existing or forthcoming facilities. This far cheaper alternative was turned down by Manchester Labour Council chiefs.”
John Leech, Lib Dem MP for Manchester Withington, said: “If the council has £425,000 to spend they should spend it on front line services, or perhaps encouraging Manchester’s music talent.
“To spend £425,000 subsidising MTV, who have 0.1 per cent of the UK market, is a complete waste of money.
“This shows that Manchester’s Labour council has completely the wrong priorities.”