Thursday, 18 October 2012

“Twenty’s Plenty” on Greater Manchester roads says Lib Dem PCC Candidate

Cllr Victor Chamberlain (Left), John Leech MP (second left),
Lib Dem Transport Minister Norman Baker MP (second right)
and Lib Dem PCC candidate Matt Gallagher (right)
Former policeman and Lib Dem Police Chief candidate, Matt Gallagher, is calling for Greater Manchester Councils to tackle their “scandalous” road safety record by implementing a blanket 20mph speed limit on all residential roads. 

Greater Manchester has the North West’s highest rate of overall pedestrian casualties. Last year 744 people were needlessly killed or seriously injured on Greater Manchester’s Roads and over 7000 people were hurt. Matt is calling for 20mph to become the speed limit on all residential roads, excluding major routes. Lowering urban and residential speed limits to 20 mph has been found to decrease child pedestrian accidents by up to 70%. In Portsmouth the 20mph limit on all residential roads has reduced casualties by 22%. 

Matt Gallagher, who has 30 years experience of fighting crime in Greater Manchester, said: “As a former frontline Police officer I have seen the devastating and fatal impact speeding has. There are still far too many people needlessly killed or injured on Greater Manchester’s Roads. Greater Manchester Councils need to take this issue more seriously. I want to work with them to tackle this scandalous situation. An extra couple of minutes on a journey is worth it if it means saving the life of just one child.” 

“The vast majority of the people support reducing the speed limit because it not only makes our roads safer it also encourages more people to walk and cycle. This reduces traffic noise, pollution and carbon emissions. Blanket 20mph limits also benefit the Police by reducing the crash investigation workload for Traffic Police freeing them up to go after Criminals. 

“The Liberal Democrats in Government have cut bureaucracy and made it easier to implement 20mph speed limits; I want Greater Manchester to take advantage of this to help save lives and make our streets pleasant for all road users. 

"We need 20mph limits where people live, work and play.”

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