Monday, 9 April 2012

Guest Blog from Cllr John Grant: Council’s action threatens another dirty stink

Cllr John Grant is the Liberal Democrat Councillor for neighboring Whalley Range ward. He recently published this post about the path on Egerton Road North. 

I am worried that current council action will again jeopardise the maintenance of a well-kept and much used path in Chorlton if they stop emptying the dog litter and general litter bins or remove them.

10 years ago the present attractive and well used path was a wet, muddy track. The city council is not responsible for it because it is private land but the local residents group successfully applied for money through the council’s CASH Grant scheme. The path was tarmacked, the borders planted and bins for general litter and dog litter were installed. What a transformation! Although the council approved the scheme it was not long before they started to question their responsibility in emptying the dog litter bins regularly. CASH Grants were not assessed for recurring cost. If the dog litter bins had been sited on pavement at each end it would remain council responsibility but not on private land. With pressure applied to the council a few years ago the council again agreed to continue to empty the bins but now they are saying ‘No’ again.

This is a long story of the wonderful way this path has been transformed and maintained through the efforts of local residents. It is popular with dog walkers, provides access to the South West Manchester Cricket Club and there is a specialist veterinary surgery nearby. This is not the first time the council has tried to stop emptying the bins. I wonder if a community solution could be found by installing noticeboards at either end to advertise local businesses which help to keep the path sweet smelling, clean and tidy through sponsorship. It is only £260pa that needs to be raised.

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