Friday, 18 December 2009

Chorlton Meadows update

Yesterday the application to develop Chorlton Meadows came up before the City Council Planning Committee. All the Chorlton Liberal Democrat team attended the meeting along with about 40 local supporters of the Save Chorlton Meadows group. Local Lib Dems are actively opposed to the development and had asked for the decision to be postponed until the committee had made a site visit. I wrote to all the members of the committee asking them to visit the site. Cllr Paul Ankers and John Leech MP were prepared to make representations to the committee against the development.

I am very pleased that the committee has agreed to our request and has decided to make a site visit to Hardy Farm on the morning of 14th January 2010. This allows us more time to campaign against the development and to show the committee how valued these Meadows are. Therefore it is really important that as many local residents as possible show up on that day to demonstrate our objection to this development. I will keep you updated about the site visit nearer the time, but please pencil in the 14th. I Hope to see you there!

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