Thursday, 3 December 2009

Stop the deportation of the Mansour family

The Mansour family fled Egypt five years ago following months of harassment and serious threats to the family. After receiving no help (and torture and confinement) from the Egyptian authorities they settled in the Manchester where they became active members of their community. Now the British authorities are trying to deport the whole family back to Egypt. The police came to arrest and take them to a detention centre in the middle of last night for the 2nd time this year. They need our help. Please join me in writing to Tony Lloyd their local MP and Phil Woolas the Immigration Minister.

Please send this letter to Tony Lloyd ( and cc Phil Woolas ( into it.

Dear Mr Lloyd,

As you are already aware of the plight of Hany Mansour and his family and generously offered your time and support previously, we are sure that you will be concerned to hear that the family have once again been forcibly removed from their home this morning. Neither the family nor their solicitor had been given any information as to how their asylum case was progressing, therefore this morning's events were a complete shock. Once again the legal system in this country has failed to meet the human rights of this family by neglecting to provide them with basic information. Mr Mansour had, in fact, recently told the head teacher of the children's school that he felt they were going to be allowed to stay.

Our primary concern is for the mental health of the children, who have already been through so much this year. Mrs Mansour is also under immense stress, is in a fragile mental state and is still coming to terms with the previous trauma suffered by herself, her husband and children in the summer. Her memories of her ordeals in Egypt are still raw, and her fear of the future is ever-present; including fears for the children, three of whom were born here in England. The school community have managed to help the family slowly recover and feel that this second detention will have serious and far-reaching effects upon them all; as well as the community itself who care so much about their welfare.

One of the children has just undergone major surgery on his hand and will need a high degree of medical care as he recovers over the next six weeks. In light of recent media coverage, and the previous experiences of the Mansour family, we are extremely concerned that the detention centre does not have adequate facilities to care for young children, especially those with specific medical needs.

We implore you to do everything in your power to allow these valuable, law-abiding members of our community to remain here where they are loved and supported, under no threat of religious persecution.


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