Monday, 28 May 2012

It’s time for the Liberal Democrats to help open up lobbying

After months of scandals and shocking stories coming out of Westminister, our attention is easily drawn to the access and influence that can be bought within our political system. Something David Cameron predicted when he said “lobbying will be next big scandal” and the coalition pledged to create a register of lobbyists.

Unlock Democracy and Greater Manchester for Greater Democracy have team to host

Open Up Lobbying Manchester
Friday 15th June - 7pm
with Michael Meacher MP, John Leech MP,
Spinwatch Director Tamasin Cave & Unlock Democracy Director Peter Facey
Chaired by Manchester Business School’s Prof. Colin Talbot
Friends’ Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester.
Register for free and get your questions in advance at

The government held a consultation on lobbying which ended back in April. They’ve shown they’ve listened to the consultation, when both lobbying transparency campaigners and lobbyists together rejected their proposals. Yet whilst acknowledging this, the Tory Minister Mark Harper indicated they were prepared to use delaying tactics. We need to be pushing the political will to get lobbying opened up.

It is in everyone's interest to have a more transparent lobbying system. Please join me in supporting the campaign to Open Up Lobbying.

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