Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Deputy Prime Minister slams Manchester Labour over Pupil Premium rejection

Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg slammed Manchester Labour yesterday over their vote to scrap the pupil premium.

Speaking in Deputy Prime Minister Questions in the House of Commons yesterday he said,

“Last year, on a per pupil basis, the pupil premium was worth about £480. It is now worth £600 and will go on to increase. Given those statistics, it is remarkable that Labour in Manchester voted to scrap the pupil premium altogether. How on earth is that going to help social mobility?”

Chorlton MP John Leech said,

“The pupil premium is currently worth £1.25 billion, and that will double to £2.5 billion by the end of this Parliament. That is additional money on top of the baseline funding provided to schools. In Manchester its worth an extra £10m (over £500k to the Chorlton area alone) for our children in 2012/13, it is shocking that Labour put party politics before pupils and voted to scrap this money. ”

In December 2011 at the meeting of Full Council in Manchester, Labour Councillors supported an amendment that called on the ‘Government to make a real difference to the life prospects of Manchester’s most disadvantaged young people by... scrapping the sham pupil premium’.

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