Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Manchester say Twenty is Plenty

Road safety campaigner have joined in celebration with Manchester Liberal Democrats after their motion to reduce the default speed limit on Manchester roads to 20mph became Council policy today.

The motion has received high level backing with Lib Dem Transport Minister Norman Baker MP giving it his full approval, “I will be very happy to meet Councillors next time I am in Manchester, and look forward to the Council taking forward the increase in the use of 20mph limits which I have made possible.”

I propposed the motion at this morning's Manchester City Council meeting and was passed unanimously (a rare event in manchester).

I am absolutely delighted that the Council has agreed to adopt this policy; Chorlton residents often raise this issue with me on the doorstep. This policy will now mean that Manchester roads are safer with far fewer needless road deaths and casualties. It will also make our roads user friendly for everyone.

John Leech, Chorlton MP and winner of Road Safety Parliamentarian of the Year (2008) said, “I’m delighted that the Liberal Democrat motion was passed today.
I first introduced a bill in Parliament in 2007 to get the previous Labour Government to reduce the default national speed on residential roads to 20mph. Today I’m very happy Manchester has backed my proposals and have taken a stance in making our roads safer.”

John Leech was awarded BRAKE’s Road Safety Parliamentarian of Year in 2008 for introducing a 10 minute rule bill on reducing the the default national speed on residential roads to 20mph.

A report on making Manchester’s roads safer will now be prepared by Council officials for consideration by the Council’s decision making Executive Committee.

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