Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Chorlton MP introduces Road Safety Bill to Parliament

Chorlton Liberal Democrat MP John Leech, is today introducing a Road Safety Bill in Parliament under the ten minute rule.

The Bill, entitled Road Safety No.3, aims to improve road safety by tackling four main areas; drink driving, compulsory eye testing, child safety and changing a vehicle’s odometer, or “car clocking”.

John came up with the bill following consultations with local residents.

Commenting on the bill, John said: “This Bill would save lives and cut accidents on our roads. I hope the Government takes on board some of my suggestions.” adding that

"The billl hopes to inroduce legislation that will raise road safety standards in this country to a level that is already commonplace in the rest of Europe."

It makes provision for reducing the permitted blood alcohol content (BAC) from 80 mg/dL to 50 mg/dL, a level that is the legal limit in countries such as Australia, Denmark, Ireland, Germany and Canada.

It will also introduce compulsory eye-tests for drivers when they renew their license. Some form of obligatory eye-test already exists in 14 EU countries.

The measures also aim to outlaw the turning back of a vehicle’s mileometer except in specified circumstances.

False mileage costs consumers £580 million a year with just under 700,000 cars thought to be affected. These estimates, however, are thought to be very conservative by industry experts.

John wrote tis article for Politics Home calling for a number of provisions to improve road safety in a bid to save lives, reduce pollution and inspire younger generations to be fitter and healthier.

John is expected to introduce the bill in the House of Commmons at approximately 15.30 today.

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