Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Licence Application: Morrisons, 418B Wilbraham Road, Manchester, M21 0SD

I have received notification that an application has been received by the City Council for a Premises Licence variation for premises at Morrisons, 418B Wilbraham Road, Manchester, M21 0SD. The application’s proposed Trading hours for the supply of alcohol for consumption off the premises only are as follows: Mon to Sat - To extend the permitted hours from (0800 - 2300) to (0700 - 2300), Sun - To extend the permitted hours from (1000 - 2230) to (0700 - 2300). Opening hours for the premises:
Mon to Sun - Unrestricted. To remove conditions set out in Annex 2 1 and 2. To remove restrictions to the sale of alcohol on Good Friday (0800 to 2230) and Christmas Day (1200 to 1500 and 1900 to 2230). Hours for Good Friday and Christmas Day to be same as standard hours applied for.

If you have any comments, you can make these directly to The Licensing Unit
(e-mail: or write to: The Licensing Unit, Regulatory & Enforcement Services, Premises Team, PO Box 271, Manchester, M18 8YU by 13 March 2012. The Licensing Authority may only consider a representation relating to the effect of the grant of the licence on the licensing objectives, which are: Prevention of crime and disorder; Public Safety; Prevention of public nuisance and the Protection of children from harm.

As a local Councillor I can make representations to support local residents; as can John Leech MP (; 434 3334). If you wish for us to do so, please let us know and send us a copy of any representation you may be making.

Photo of Morrisons Supermarket in Chorlton cum Hardy kindly shared by R Greenhalgh

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