Monday, 28 November 2011

Severe Traffic Jam at Barlow Moor Rd junction

This morning a number of residents contacted me after they experienced horrendous traffic jams at the Barlow Moor Rd, Hardy Lane and Mauldeth Rd W crossroad. Some reports were that the traffic jam was stretching as long as one mile in all directions. I, like hundreds of Chorlton residents had the misfortune of getting stuck in this traffic on the way to work. I reported this to the Council and asked them to investigate urgently why these delays had occurred and requested urgent action to ensure they did not recur.

I am told that the junction currently has temporary lights because of works to water and gas mains. Unfortunately, today the lights have suffered a failure caused by a faulty transmitter, I am told this has now been repaired. The agreement with the use of these lights is that they will be manually operated during both the AM and PM peak periods

This is the response I have received from the Council:

----- Original Message -----
From: Vicky Rosin
Sent: 28/11/2011 17:36 GMT
To: Councillor Victor Chamberlain
Cc: Councillor Bernie Ryan; Councillor Norman Lewis; "John Leech"
Subject: Re: Hardy Lane, Mauldeth Rd W, Barlow Moor Rd junction

Dear Councillor Chamberlain

I am advised by my officers that we are currently using 3-way temporary lights at this junction, until the 9th December 2011, during the installation of a new water main in the centre of the junction. In addition, to reduce the period works are being undertaken at this strategic junction, Enterprise Gas are also completing their diversion works. The temporary lights were switched on yesterday morning, our officers were on site during the switch on and the lights were operating as intended when they left site.

Unfortunately, today the lights have suffered a failure caused by a faulty transmitter, this has been repaired, ( the engineer is still on site monitoring the repair). The agreement with the use of these lights is that they are manually operated during both the AM and PM peak periods. Due to the nature of the diversions at this junction, there was always envisaged to be delays to motorists as a result of the works. To inform motorists of this, advanced warning signs have been erected at key junctions to encourage the use alternative routes. As you will appreciate the faulty transmitter has resulted in significant delays this morning that were not anticipated and I can only offer my apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

We have developed close working relationships with bus operators through TfGM. This relationship enables bus drivers to highlight locations where significant delays are being experienced as a result of temporary works. We use this relationship to monitor the operation of the lights during the periods they are not manually operated as well as reports from our contractors on site.

Should there be any further problems with the signals a review of the Traffic Management against work completed will be undertaken to determine if the Traffic Management can be improved to the benefit of motorists.

Kind regards

Vicky Rosin

Deputy Chief Executive (Neighbourhoods)
Manchester City Council
Town Hall ( Room 219)
Manchester M60 2LA

I have told the Council that delays this long are not acceptable and have sought their reassurance that lessons will be learnt and this won’t happen again. Please let me know if you would like more information or if I can do anything to help.

UPDATE: Latest on Chorlton Mega Traffic Jam:

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