Thursday, 17 November 2011

Chorlton U Decide 2011 - Update

I've just got back from this year's fantastic Chorlton U Decide event. The event allowed Chorlton residents the opportunity to award £7500 of funding (upto £750 each) to local community groups and initiatives.

Very well done to the 11 successful Projects:

Chorlton Big Green Festival - £750 for workshops, sound system, toilets, staging

Cracking Good Food - £450 for group cooking sessions for affordable and healthy food

C4 (Chorlton Central Community Centre) Café Club - £700 for hall hire, workshops, mini-bus for cooking workshops for young people to cook for elderly

Digital Arts & Music - £750 for digital artworks workshops with young people & equipment (Part of the Chorlton Arts Festival)

Friends of Beech Road Park - £220.20 for the replacement of two cherry trees

Garden Share - £750 to pair up people with garden space with those who have none – posters, tools, plants, compost

Jump - £750 for free arts sessions for unemployed people at The Edge

Nam-Bee-Pam-Bee - £750 for a secure steel shed to hold and protect bee equipment (At the Community Allotments at the end of Scott Avenue)

Pop Up Farm - £750 for food growing projects with a local school and the launch event

Tag Pass It On - £750 for 400 Tag cards, publicity and promotion

Unity Toybox on Tour - £750 for transport and refreshments to showcase young peoples circus skills at residential care homes

Sadly the bids for £750 for Zumba classes, a new tea urn and a new sound system at Chorlton Leisure Centre and £643.20 for seven trees to be replanted in Chorltonville were unsuccessful this time around.

I thought one of the highlights was the fantastic rendition of Molly Malone performed by the Choir at Oswald Road Primary School.

Thanks very much to all those that attended, the Oswald Road School Choir and other performers, the projects that bid, and those that organised the event.

Please get in touch if you would like any more information about any of the above groups.

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