Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Latest on Mega Traffic Jams in Chorlton

This afternoon I have spoken with the Highways Manager in charge of the Barlow Moor Rd and Mauldeth Rd West crossroads. I discussed the serious problems that occurred there yesterday and expressed the anger of many residents.

Further to my previous Blog post the transmitter was faulty and this had a serious impact on the temporary traffic lights. As a result people on site had to direct traffic themselves for 3-4 hours whilst the traffic light and transmitter problems were fixed. The Council's Highways Department have told me that they expect delays until 9 December because of the Chicane in operation. However all these problems combined led to mayhem yesterday.

I am told a Highways inspector has visited the site many times today and tested the equipment and impact for residents and motorists. He has informed me that in future someone will operate the traffic lights manually so that they are more responsive to traffic congestion. I expressed my concern that this was due to stop at 4.30 every day. the Highways Department have agreed to my request to operate the lights manually at this point until at least 6pm so that rush hour traffic is not as badly hit as it was yesterday. I have also checked that there are sufficient measures in place to report the problem if it occurs again.

The current restrictions will be in place until 9 December but hopefully the traffic jams and disruption will not be as horrendous as yesterday. Please let me know if I can be of any help. You can contact me on 07947383740 or at cllr.v.chamberlain@manchester.gov.uk

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