Monday, 27 September 2010

Pickles invited to try Chorlton's Pickles

Following the announcement that the Mega TESCO in Stretford will be reviewed, Chorlton Liberal Democrat Councillor, Victor Chamberlain, has invited Eric Pickles MP the Communities Secretary to visit Chorlton to see the impact the proposed Mega TESCO would have.

Coun Chamberlain said "I sent Mr Pickles an invitation to visit Chorlton so that he can see how thriving and important our local independent shops really are. Local traders often tell me that this is a very difficult time for them and that the proposed Mega TESCO would just make things worse. Local businesses like the Barbakan Deli on Manchester Rd offer top quality produce including Pickles, which I'm sure the Minister will enjoy if he decides to visit us. I've also asked Mr Pickles to hold a Public Enquiry about the application so that local people can have their say and have their voices heard."

Stefan Najduch (Pictured with Coun Chamberlain), the Director of the Barbakan Delicatessen, added "TESCO represents the deterioration and killing off of independent shops. If we're not careful there will be nowhere like the Barbakan left. The decision made by Trafford Council does not seem right. I would love to have the opportunity to tell Eric Pickles what this TESCO would do to Chorlton; and I'm sure he would really appreciate what the Barbakan has to offer."

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