Friday, 10 September 2010

Miner Victory over Chorton Library Plaque

An alliance of local people, LibDems and the Chorlton Civic Society are celebrating the restoration of a plaque commemorating Chorlton's part in the 1984/5 Miners strike and the support Chorlton people gave to them. The plaque was removed and placed in a quiet corner at the back of the Library early this year, but campaigners wanted it to remain in a more prominent spot and it has been restored to the foyer of the Library.

Chorlton has a fantastic local history which the Council should be proud of. I'm pleased they have finally seen sense and reinstated the plaque to a prominent location.

Chorlton Cllr Paul Ankers said,

"There was some logic to it being with the local studies books, but there was more sense to it being front and centre of people's thoughts."

Activists raised thousands of pounds collecting in the precinct area throughout the strike, one weekend Chorlton housed 200 miners on their way to pickets and had a football match fundraiser in Chorlton Park. Chorlton was twinned with four pits, Bold NUM, Erdington, Armthorpe & Walkden pits in the 1980's.

David Graham (pictured with his wife, Cllr Ankers and John Leech MP) was a key supporter of the miners in Chorlton in the 80's,

"Chorlton people raised many thousands of pounds to keep food on miners tables and the plaque celebrates a spirit that Chorlton hasn't lost and shouldn't forget."

The local Civic Society were supportive of the plaque and their Chair, Jenny Slee, commented

"We are keen for more of Chorlton's history to be known and seen. The plaque and knowledge of it needs to be clear for future generations.

The Civic Society, in conjunction with Library Manager David Green, have organised a small unveiling ceremony on 14th September at 7.30pm.

Local MP John Leech, grandson of a miner, said, "What Chorlton did was remarkable and we should be proud of its community spirit."

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