Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Labour's Priorities "All Wrong" - Council Criticised for £150,000 Spend on Acrobat Statues

Manchester Liberal Democrats have questioned the Labour Council's priorities in tough times after it was revealed that they spent £150,000 of public money on statues of acrobats outside the new temporary town hall.

Around 1,500 staff and many Council services have transferred to a new building at "One First Street" near the Whitworth Street railway line. They will remain there for 3 years during Manchester's Town Hall revamp.

But Mancunians were surprised to see 5 statues of "stick people" being installed outside the new temporary facility. Manchester Liberal Democrats have discovered that these statues cost £150,000 of public money. Deputy Leader Councillor Paul Shannon said:

"You have to question the Council's priorities. Most people can think of better things to spend £150,000 of public money on. Only this week, the Council cancelled alleygating schemes across the City - yet they can find the money for these "stick people" of questionable artistic merit !"

It is understood that the Labour Council leader personally approved the statues. Manchester's Liberal Democrat Councillors believe that this funding should have been spent on improving Manchester's inadequate public services.

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