Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Local MP welcomes Metrolink extension

Withington MP John Leech hailed the beginning of construction of the Metrolink extension to south Manchester as a welcome milestone.

Having added his voice lobbying the Government to fund extensions to the Metrolink network since his election in 2005. While visiting a site where construction has begun in Chorlton, he restated his strong support for the extension of the Metrolink to south Manchester, adding:

"I am so pleased that extension of the Metrolink is finally under way. It will help tackle congestion across the area and bring new economic opportunities."

I'm delighted Metrolink is coming to Chorlton. It will be a big boost to Chorlton as it will massively improve people's choice in public transport, reduce traffic and help tackle air quality problems. I really hope it will also benefit our local independent shops by bringing more people to Chorlton and reducing leakage. Metrolink will also greatly improve Chorlton's connections to the rest of South Manchester.

Further extensions to Metrolink are currently in the planning stages.

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