Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Chorlton has some one the worst Gullies in Manchester

The report to the Communities and Neighbourhoods Committee yesterday revealed that Chorlton has the second highest number of defective gullies in the City! Out of the 3,200 gullies in Chorlton, 560 are defective and 237 have not been attended to by the Council.

Many Chorlton residents have complained to me about the atrocious state of gullies along their Road. The Council simply isn’t doing enough to prevent blockages which cause problems for local residents. Many gullies have not been properly cleared or jetted by the Council; as a result they have become blocked and consequently can flood. This makes it hard for people to walk along the pavement and for cyclists and motorists. During the recent cold spell the flooding has frozen over and made huge ice puddles which are very dangerous to walk across. The Council hasn’t inspected Chorlton’s gullies since last February and isn’t planning to inspect them again until next November! Which makes it easy to see why our gullies are so bad.

Manchester City Council needs to do a lot more to help clear these gullies and prevent blockages in the future. I will be working hard for local residents to make sure this happens. I have already reported the defective gullies along High Lane, but if you know of any others please let me know and I will get them sorted out.

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