Monday, 23 November 2009

TALKChorlton Consultation

I am very proud of Chorlton’s lively and prosperous shopping centre and our strong Independent shops. However more could be done to bring the centre into the 21st century and make it more accessible; to ensure that our local shops flourish well into the future.

That is why I was disappointed by the delays to the Council run consultation on the future of Chorlton district centre, which finally started in late September. It is costing local residents over £28,000 yet the survey is not very detailed, and they are not consulting door to door or by post. However it is so important that all local residents take part in the consultation and have their views heard.

The Council has already decided that Chorlton needs another supermarket. However I don’t believe local people want one; and I would be very concerned that any new supermarket could damage Chorlton’s unique character. We already have an excellent mix of shops in Chorlton, and the Council should be encouraging our independent sector.

It is so important that local resident’s views are at the forefront of any changes in Chorlton and that the Labour Council and developers don’t force through their plans. I hope all local people put their views forward as this is our opportunity to have our say on Chorlton’s future; and to achieve long term change in Chorlton.

Surveys are available in Chorlton Library or online.

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