Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Autumn Leaf Sweeps

The Council arranges regular leaf sweeps of roads and footpaths during the Autumn when leaf fall is at its highest. However a number of residents have complained to me about the way in which these sweeps are being carried out. In particular local residents are concerned about the lack of notice from the Council about these sweeps. Consequently many residents leave their cars parked on the roads being swept and as a result the leaves are not collected and are left as a hazard on the road.

Today I wrote to the Council asking them to let local residents know about any leaf sweeps on their road so they can arrange for the road to be as clear as possible when the leaf sweepers come, and for the sweeping to be more effective. I will let you know about any response I recieve.

If you have had any problems with leaf sweeping in your area, please let me know at

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