Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Leech welcomes Turing pardon bill clearing Lords

Campaigning to pardon Alan Turing with John and Cllr James Hennigan at Manchester Pride 2012
Chorlton Lib Dem MP John Leech has welcomed the bill to pardon Alan Turing passing through the Lords.

John will now propose the bill be given a second reading in the House of Commons on the 29th of November.

John Leech said today,
“Alan Turing was a hero to me and lots of people. I am glad that the bill to pardon him is closer to becoming law. It has passed the Lords with cross party support, and I hope that we will see the same in the Commons.”

And John praised Lord John Sharkey, who ably guided the bill through the Lords,
“John has done a great job steering this through the Lords. I hope that the Commons follows suit as soon as possible.”

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