Thursday, 3 October 2013

Chorlton Book Festival Appeal -Donate a Book For Kids

Would you like to donate a book/ or two to the Barlow Moor Community Association?

For the first time this year, Chorlton Book Festival includes a Chorlton Book Award for children (see poster image above) and as part of this initiative, is running an appeal for donations of new books.

Chorlton Bookshop is selling the books (at much reduced cost) for this initiative and has a box for these donations in store which will be given to BCMA for children on the Barlow Moor/ Merseybank  Estate.

The new Community Centre (BMCA) on the Estate will be also doing an outreach library which will need books too so if you wish to donate a book,  please get in touch with Chorlton Bookshop on Wilbraham road. They have the list of shortlisted books for the Chorlton Book Award for Children and can advise.

You might also like to inscribe your name/ business name as a donor (or your company stamp).

Contact details for Chorlton Bookshop are here

For your information:

This year's Chorlton Book Festival runs Fri 15th Nov to Sat 23rd Nov
twitter name @chorltonbf

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