Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tree works on Buckingham Road

I have been informed that United Utilities need to undertake underground pipe works on the grass plot on Buckingham Road in Chorlton.
The work will require the removal of one tree to allow excavation works. The tree a mature Sycamore is in fair condition but has decay at the union of its branches which make it susceptible to structural failure and as such the Council's Arbor Team Leader felt he could not object to its removal.

Tree as it appears on Google Maps.
Copyright belongs to Google.

It is also intended to remove some rose bushes from the site for the same excavations and prune other trees which infringe over the footpath. It is intended that the tree and roses will be replaced next Winter , some bulbs will be planted at the same time to improve the look of the plot.

The grass plot is the responsibility of United Utilities and they will be undertaking the required works.   Please let me know if you require any further information or wish to make any comments.

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