Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Chorlton Bike Sheds being targetted by burglars

I recently attended a meeting with Chorlton's Police Inspector. Sadly there has been a significant rise in the number of cases of 'Burglary Non Dwelling'. There have been 56 of these crimes in the present period compared to 8 in the same period last year.

Inspector Kinrade said that in most cases it meant burglars had been targeting sheds to steal bikes. This is in line with a massive increase in bike thefts across Greater Manchester.

To tackle this issue the Police have been taking preventative measures such as high profile patrols and monitoring places the stolen bikes are usually sold. The Inspector confirmed that there have been a number of arrests.

The Police are advising residents to get bikes marked up with UV pens and serial numbers and also to make a note of anything which is unique and distinctive about your bike (e.g. a scratch or dent). Residents are also advised to keep there bikes in as secure location as possible, preferably inside. The Police are going to organise another Bike Marking event in the near future. I will post details when I get them.

If you have had your bike stolen please make sure you report it to the police. You can also contact the Property Store at West Didsbury Police Station to see if it has been recovered or handed in.

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