Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Chorlton Bus Station Toilets

I recently contacted the Council to ask about the future of the recently closed Public Toilets at Chorlton Bus Station. A number of residents have contacted me because they are concerned about the lack of Public Toilets in Chorlton and because they were concerned the building would get vandalised. Last year Manchester City Council closed all but one public toilet in the City. This is the response I have recieved:

"I refer to your enquiry regarding the public conveniences at the bus lay-by at Chorlton.

The decision to close 13 sets of public toilets was set out in a committee report to Executive dated 16th February 2011, Communities and Neighbourhoods Overview and Scrutiny Committee 17th February 2011 and Resources and Governance Overview and Scrutiny Committee 28th February 2011. The report detailed the budget proposals for the Neighbourhood Services Directorate. The decision to close the facilities was supported by an Environmental Impact Assessment undertaken by Neighbourhood Services.

The budget savings arising from the closure of the public toilets across the City formed part of the new budget allocation for the Neighbourhood Services Directorate and arose in response for all services across the council to make savings.

There are no future plans to re-open any of the closed facilities with neither the Council or TfGM able to operate the facilities.

Alternative use for some of the facilities is currently under review but size, location and restrictions on parking in most of the locations mean that on the whole these buildings are not commercially viable."

Let me know if you have any suggestions for how the building could be put to (better) use.


  1. Surely the size issue could be solved if both the toilets, and the now derelict police station were treated as one job lot, making it more commercially viable? not sure how possible it'd be, but it could be worth looking into

  2. I wonder if "commercially viable" would come into the equation if the committee involved in the decision was made up of disabled people?

  3. As far as i can see, the site is really only suitable for what it is presently or a news kiosk similar to what they have in the city centre.

  4. It is only viable as a public toilet or as a news kiosk similar to what they have in the city centre.