Monday, 16 July 2012

Manchester Lib Dems welcome huge investment for Northern Hub

Manchester Liberal Democrats have welcomed the funding of the Northern Hub in full as part of the huge £9bn investment in the rail industry in the UK announced today.

It will see 700 more trains a day running between towns and cities across the North, with space for 44m more people to travel by rail each year.  Manchester Victoria could get a £27m revamp and Manchester Piccadilly two new platforms with the capacity for faster trains to overtake slower ones.

Chorlton Lib Dem MP, John Leech, said: “This is about increasing capacity and making sure we have a rail network in the North West fit for 21st century, it’s a huge boost jobs and growth. “

“I am very pleased with this announcement today; I have lobbied ministers hard on the need for improved rail services in the North since I was elected in 2005 and raised it on the floor of the house in February.

“The announcement will mean more than £4bn of economic growth and up to 30,000 jobs created and is vital in bridging the North/South divide.“

“Previous governments have underinvested in rail.  We are determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past and see a modern and efficient rail system - for both passenger and freight – as crucial to improving competitiveness.”     

 The Liberal Democrats in government are overseeing the biggest expansion in railways since the Victorian age, including over £18bn of investment including Crossrail and HS2 over 3 years. The Coalition has already approved £85m to create a rail link between Victoria and Piccadilly stations and a plan to electrify lines from Manchester to Lancashire and Yorkshire.

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