Monday, 30 January 2012

Talking Down of Metrolink damages City's Reputation

You may have recently seen this BBC Manchester article quoting Manchester Labour MP, Graham Stringer saying Metrolink is "damaging the city's reputation and economy". Like a number of Chorlton residents I have been disrupted by the some recent delays on the system and recognise the severe delays need to be addressed; but I think Mr Stringer's comments are innapropriate and are themselves damaging for Manchester's reputation.

The Metrolink is a fantastic addition to our City and is one of the few sustainable transport systems that have received significant investment and support. Metrolink has created jobs and provided economic value to our City. It has also helps to tackle congestion by massively improving people's choice in public transport, resulting in less cars on the roads which helps to tackle air quality problems. I know there have been hiccups and some severe delays (it took me an hour to get from Chorlton to Piccadilly recently) but Mr Stringer is just been sensationalistic and is not looking at the benefits Metrolink offers his constituents and millions of other Greater Manchester residents.

Last week I wrote to Mr Stringer's Labour colleague, Cllr Andrew Fender the Chairman of Transport for Greater Manchester, and asked him if he agrees with Mr Stringer that "Transport for Manchester and the tramline operators have to get their act together"; that Metrolink is "damaging the City's reputation and economy", and "is bad for Manchester's image"? I am still awaiting a response.

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  1. When you've been using the system for 4 or more years like some of the other lines then maybe you'll understand where Mr Stringer is coming from.

    Unless of course Metrolink buck up their act, which they have done in the last 2 weeks and always do after a lot of bad press. But that won't happen as long as there are appeasers who continue to think Metrolink offers a good service that is value for money.