Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Natural Play Facilities in Beech Rd Park

When I have spoken to parents and children about the facilities in Beech Road Park they have often told me that they wished there were more natural play facilities in the park.

As a result I have been trying for about a year to get the Council to move a tree into the park for natural play.

When A sixty year old Lime tree that once stood proudly on Chorlton Green (on the corner of Chorlton Green and St Clements Road) was blown down during recent gales I asked the Council to move the 15 meter tree 300 meters down the road into Beech Road Park; so that it can become a natural play facility and provide additional seating.

I was very pleased to join the Tree team from the Council this morning to watch them move the tree into the Children’s play area (pictured). The Council carried out work on the tree’s crown to make it safe so that it can become a natural climbing frame. At the weekend I saw children were already enjoying their new climbing frame whilst it waited to be moved from Chorlton Green. The Council have detached the tree trunk so that it can become a bench.

When I saw the fallen tree on Chorlton Green I knew it was the tree we had been waiting for! The tree will be a fantastic addition to Beech Rd Park and I am sure it will be popular with local children and parents; it will certainly be good for the biodiversity. It looks great in it's new home. Thanks to everyone that helped make this happen.

I remember Beech Road Park used to have a number of tree trunks around the boundary of the park. The trunks were well used as play equipment and seating, but also provided a home to mosses, insects and other biodiversity. The trees were left to naturally decompose which also helped to teach children about nature.

Information on Natural Play from the Forestry Commission is available at:

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