Monday, 12 April 2010

Chorlton History Discussion Group

I've had a really long but very positive day of campaigning around Chorlton. But the highlight of my day was going along to the Chorlton History Group this afternoon at the Horse and Jockey. I was invited by Ida Bradshaw who I often enjoy chatting with about local history.

I learnt lots of facts and stories about Chorlton that I had never heard before. I partiality enjoyed Bernard Leach's talk about a short lived community newspaper from the mid-1980s called "Chorlton Green". Although 1980s Chorlton is only very recent history it marked a significant shift locally with Chorlton transforming from a very conservative area (both with a big and small 'c') towards a more alternative scene - and the 'Chorlton Green' newspaper embodied this transformation.

The History Group also has lots of interesting events coming up:

On 29 May there will be a Peterloo Masacre Walk. Meet at 1pm outside the Central Reference Library in St Peter's Square.

On 30 May there will be a historical walk around Hawthorn Lane. Contact Dave Bishop ( for details.

The group's next meeting will be on Monday 7 June at 1.30pm at the Horse and Jockey. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in local history.

There will also be an historical walk along Beech Road to coincide with the festival on 4 July.

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