Friday, 26 March 2010

What Next?

This evening I attended the What Next? Forum which involved talks and discussions about how to make Chorlton a greener and better place to live. Marc Hudson the editor of Manchester Climate Fortnightly ( gave a passionate and thought provoking introduction to the science and politics of Climate Change. Mark was followed by a lady from Ashton Hayes a village in Cheshire that is aiming to become England's first carbon neutral community. It was very interesting to see how they go about it and showed how the small changes ordinary people make can have extraordinary effects. After a quick break Andrew Leask from the Trafford Eco-House spoke. Andrew has made his average 1930s semi in Sale into a beacon of sustainability. Andrew gave lots of great advice about how we can all make small changes around our homes that will hugely benefit the environment.

Overall I found the evening truly inspirational and it has given me lots of ideas about how I can live a greener lifestlye and what we can do to make Chorlton a more sustainable area. It has also motivated me even more than before to push Manchester City Council to do all it can and should be doing to tackle climate change and promote sustainability.

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