Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Campaign Update

We've had a busy few weeks campaigning in Chorlton - and it's only going to get more intense between now and the election!

Tonight I went out campaigning with some local members on the streets off Egerton Road North in the pouring rain! The reception on the doorstep was very good. People are telling us that they appreciate the work we've been doing locally and they really want a change from Labour. I really enjoy getting a chance to talk to people about what they think and pick up any issues they have.

I've also been trying very hard to get the Mega Tesco decision called in by the Secretary of State. I've been working with John Leech MP to publicise the need for people to write in and have helped John to table a Parliamentary motion calling for the decision to be reviewed by the Communities Secretary.

If you would like to write and ask for the decision to be called in you can download a sample letter from:

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