Sunday, 31 January 2010


I had an action packed day today. My colleague Cllr Paul Ankers and I were joined by John Leech MP, Cllrs Norman Lewis and Lianne Williams and others for some residents surveying in the morning. We got a very good reception on the doorstep and I was able to pick up some important casework to do with gullies and traffic calming.

In the afternoon I went along to the Swap Shop at St John's RC Primary School. This was a really well run event that promoted recycling and was a great chance to talk to local parents and environmental activists. I especially enjoyed talking to the organisers of the Chorlton Plant Swap and some coordinators from the Action for Sustainable Living group. The ASL group gave me a survey to help assess how environmental sustainable my lifestyle was. They said they would send me the result in an email, I will be interested to see what it comes back with! I kept a copy of the survey and I will post it up onto this blog soon, in case you want to send off a survey too.

This evening I went to the premiere of a documentary film made by a local man, called 'Glocal'. It was a fascinating and inspirational film about an American family who have moved to Chorlton and seek to live in an environmentally friendly way. They have moved to Chorlton from Phoenix, Arizona and gave up their home, most of their belongings and their car! I though the film raised some very important questions, in a clever way. But what I enjoyed the most was seeing that it was perfectly possible to live a sustainable lifestyle in Chorlton. I certainly came out of the film thinking of ways I could make my lifestyle more sutainable. The film is available to watch online at: and I would certainly recommend you take the time to watch it.

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