Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Chorlton District Centre under threat

Given the latest threats to independent retailers in Chorlton, with 2 very large supermarket proposals submitted to Trafford Council - with an estimated combined impact on Chorlton District Centre trade of around 22% (from their figures) it seems important to press the government to take action.

The relentless growth of Tesco has crushed small businesses and local shops. And it has turned many of our communities into Tescotowns. In response, the Competition Commission has recommended a new competition test for town planning.

This would stop supermarkets opening new stores in places where they already control the majority of the local market. Chorlton is already well served with TESCOs; with 3 stores within 2kms of Chorlton Cross and other stores in Fallowfield and Didsbury. Furthermore Chorlton already has three Co-op supermarkets and Morrisons, and the Council wants another supermarket! The new test is in danger because of the fierce lobbying of Tesco. They want to scrap the test and risk the future of vibrant, environmentally-friendly communities and town centres. Chorlton would really suffer if the two applications in Stretford go through.

That is why it is so important for us to demand the Government stands up to Tesco. Please join me in writting to the Minister for Planning at

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