Sunday, 26 January 2014

Lib Dems select local Councillor Mary Di Mauro to stand in Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election.

Promoting Small Business Saturday with Mary
Local Liberal Democrats have tonight (Sunday January 26th) selected Northenden Councillor Mary Di Mauro to be the Liberal Democrat Candidate in the by-election following the death of Labour MP Paul Goggins.

Mary was a secondary school teacher for ten years. She lives in Northenden village with her husband and two children. Mary has represented Northenden ward on Manchester City Council since 2010.

Mary Di Mauro said: "I am very proud to have been selected to fight Wythenshawe and Sale East for the Liberal Democrats in the by-election. I have lived locally for 20 years and have always stood up for this area on Manchester City Council. I am standing in this by election because I want to be a strong voice for local people in Parliament."

"I'm not backed by big business or trade unions. I am a local person who wants to help the area in which I live. Families around here need someone who understands their concerns and their problems."

Local Manchester MP John Leech said: "I'm delighted that Mary has been selected to be the Lib Dem candidate in this by election. I know what difference a hardworking, local MP can make. I have known Mary for years and she will be a fantastic representative for local people and their families. Wythenshawe and Sale East needs an MP who knows the issues and understands our area."

"People in Wythenshawe need a positive alternative to Labour. Gordon Brown crashed the economy and Ed Miliband has no ideas for sorting it out. In Government the Lib Dems have cut taxes for working families – people in our area have £700 a year off their tax bill thanks to the Lib Dems."

"Locally, Labour are getting their priorities all wrong – cutting vital services in Manchester whilst spending millions on refurbishing council buildings and wasting hundreds of thousands on public art in East Manchester.

"Despite their hype, UKIP aren’t a safe alternative. All the experts agree that their policies would hit British jobs hard – putting up to 3million British jobs at risk. Even they admit their policies are “nonsense”. Now, just as the economy is starting to recover, is not the time to put this many jobs at risk."

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