Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Stop unsightly Letting Boards

Too many Manchester neighborhoods are covered by forests of unsightly ‘To Let’ boards say local Lib Dems. They are calling on the City Council to follow Leeds Council who have banned the boards in favour of smaller more discrete signs pinned flush to houses. They are calling for the Council to introduce a new code of practice trialing a similar scheme in Levenshulme, Withington and Fallowfield before it’s rolled out across the City.

If successful the code of practice would mean that only one ‘To Let’ Board would be allowed per building, the boards would be no larger than 13ins by 19ins with a white background and black text including a small logo.  Landlords and agents would not be allowed to have ‘To Let’ signs up longer than two weeks after the property had been let.  It would also mean a complete ban on ‘Let By’ boards in the trial areas.

These signs are a major eyesore, there are some streets in Manchester that have these boards up all year round regardless of whether a property is vacant or not.

To Let and Let by signs are also a Burglar’s dream by highlighting shared properties with expensive items to steal. With so many local letting agents, local newspapers and the internet there’s no need for these boards.

The Liberal Democrat motion is Item 13 on the Council’s Agenda: http://www.manchester.gov.uk/meetings/meeting/1916/council

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