Thursday, 29 August 2013

Chorlton Library Listed

Chorlton Library in 1951 (c) Manchester Libraries
You may have seen this story from the Manchester Evening News confirming that Chorlton Library has recieved Grade II listing from English Heritage.

This is fantastic news and  is the result of Chorlton Lib Dems' year long campaign to protect the Chorlton landmark after it's future was thrown into doubt by City Council plans. John Leech MP even raised the issue in Parliament.

I am delighted that Chorlton Library has been given the recognition and protection it deserves. This is great news for Chorlton and our heritage. Our Library is an architectural and historical gem of Manchester. It is a real local landmark and loved by Chorlton residents and visitors.

The Council has thrown the future of the building into uncertainty with its plans to relocate library services. By selling it off to developers the building's importance could be lost. Thanks to the listed status the building has received vital protection and will continue to be loved and enjoyed for decades to come.

Next year marks the Library's Centenary. I can't wait to celebrate it with other local residents. Getting Listed Status for our Library is a brilliant birthday present.

Manchester Evening Mail marking the opening in 1914
The City Council are planning to vacate the current building and build a new joint Library and Leisure Centre. As part of this plan the Council will give the current Library building away to property developers to help cover the costs. Whilst there is not currently any specific threat to the building its future is uncertain once it has been given away. Thanks to the new listed status the building's exceptional architectural and historic interest has been aknowledged and listed building consent must be applied for in order to make any changes to which might affect its special interest.

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