Monday, 3 June 2013

Lib Dems delivering Green Jobs and Cleaner Energy

Guest blog by Ed Davey MP, Lib Dem Energy Secretary:

We are currently on the verge of a major breakthrough in delivering the greener and more sustainable Britain that we Liberal Democrats have been campaigning for all our political lives.
The Energy Bill returned to the Commons today and I'm fighting the green fight, to pave the way for the creation of 250,000 jobs, reduce our dependence on foreign gas, boost investment in low carbon technology and keeping bills low.

Not everything is plain sailing however. The 2030 power decarbonisation target is getting a lot of attention. I can assure you there will be such a target; it's just a question of when it is set.

If anyone questions how committed we are to tackling emissions we should remind them that just last week I announced plans to push for an ambitious ‘across the board’ target for a EU-wide 50% cut by 2030 – the most ambitious yet proposed.

The Bill sets out a plan for it to be agreed in 2016 which makes good sense as it would be made alongside the fifth carbon budget covering the period 2028-2033.
There are many vested interests who like to try and undermine our campaign for a greener and more sustainable Britain. I gave a speech this afternoon at the Institute of Physics, saying why we must now grasp the opportunity to fight climate change.

Do read it in full, here:'s_speech_-_Climate_Change%3a_Acting_on_the_Science&pPK=43496d20-b3e4-4629-8d22-b3a66f3f2281

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