Wednesday, 10 April 2013

£600k Boost for cycling in Manchester from Coalition Government

Cyclists in Manchester are set to benefit from investment in safer roads, announced by Liberal Democrat Transport Minister, Norman Baker.

This funding boost is part of £40m fund to improve dangerous routes and junctions and in Greater Manchester will provide 100 advanced stop lines and 50 trixi mirrors help prevent cyclist casualties. As well as this the Wimslow Road/Wilbraham Road junction will receive a £200k boost making it more cycle friendly.

The money will be made available to improve the design and layout of roads at 78 locations across the country, with all schemes due for completion within the next 12 months.

Commenting, John Leech said:

!Road safety is so vital in Manchester for cyclists and other road users and I’m delighted Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government are taking action to improve road safety for all.

“It is absolutely essential people should be able to cycle to work or school in a safe environment. This £600k government funding boost in our area will go a long way to achieving this.

“Not only is cycling healthy and enjoyable but by getting more people out of their cars and on their bikes, we can ease congestion too and strengthen our local economy.”

Councillor for Withington Simon Wheale said, “I’m really pleased with this investment the Wilmslow Road/Wilbraham Road junction is one of the main routes into town for Withington and Fallowfield residents and a very dangerous junction. I’m glad we are finally seeing an investment that will mean thousands can travel to and from town safely.”
Last year Liberal Democrats in Manchester passed a motion to introduce 20mph in Manchester, now’s the time to implement this to make Manchester a cycle friendly city with a strong emphasis on road safety for all.”

Commenting further, Norman Baker said:

“Cycling is healthy and reduces congestion so it is welcome news that more and more people are taking to two wheels. Ensuring this funding is targeted where improvements will make a real difference to cyclists is just one way we are ensuring this trend continues.

“This is part of the £107 million investment we have announced in cycling infrastructure over the last year, over and above the £600m we have invested through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

“We have launched a THINK! “Let’s Look Out For Each Other” campaign and have made it easier for councils to set 20mph speed limits and install trixi mirrors at junctions so drivers are better able to see cyclists.”

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