Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Energy Auction News

Did you miss out on signing up to the Energy Auction in January? Well here’s some good news – there’s another chance to make big savings because the whole process is being repeated on the 9 April!

That’s the day that the next online energy auction will take place: UK energy providers are given the chance to supply people across Greater Manchester who have signed up to the scheme, and bid for your custom by offering their cheapest energy deal.

The best-value provider will then be chosen and that deal will be sent out and offered to everyone who’s signed up this time. There’s no obligation - once you receive your offer, it’s your decision whether to accept or not.

Fill in the online form at (please have a recent energy bill to hand because they’ll need to estimate your annual energy use and spend) or take your latest energy bills to your local library and ask about energy switching.

There were some amazing savings made in the first energy auction: one dual-fuel customer was offered a staggering saving of £892 per year, another resident was offered £770, and deals were also made available for people on prepayment meters for the first time, with one resident being offered a saving of £295.

Remember: the more people who sign up, the better the savings will be so don’t delay – you need to register by 8 April 2013.

There is a full explanation of the scheme at

After 9 April, everyone who has signed up will be contacted within two weeks by iChoosr and offered an energy tariff based on their usage, which will outline how much they’ll save by switching.

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