Thursday, 13 September 2012

Former copper Matt Gallagher selected as Lib Dem candidate for Police Commissioner for Greater Manchester

Matt is a big supporter of improving road safety. He has joined me in successfully campaigning to stop Labour's School Crossing cuts and calling for 20mph limits.

Greater Manchester Liberal Democrats have selected retired former police Inspector and Chorlton resident Matt Gallagher to be their candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner.
Matt Gallagher said today,
“I have 30 years police experience, and a detailed knowledge of the Greater Manchester Police. That is why I am best candidate to work with police officers and cut crime across Greater Manchester.”
He added,
Matt served as a GMP officer for 30 years
“Survey after survey shows that the public would prefer to see a former copper as Police Commissioner than a failed former politician. The people of Greater Manchester now have that choice.”
Matt has a strong public service record. His grandfather was a police officer, his wife and daughter are mobile carers and his son is a Royal Marine Commando.
Mr Gallagher served for thirty years with GMP, six as a front line inspector in the force’s elite Tactical Aid Unit, where he confronted the city’s drugs gangs and organised football hooligan’s, and targeted anti-social behaviour and gun crime.
South Manchester MP John Leech added,
“I supported Matt because he was made for this job. 30 years a copper, six years in the Tactical Aid Unit. Better a copper with an understanding of the job than a failed former minister.”
He beat former Councillors Jackie Pearcey and Qassim Afzal polling over half of the first preference votes.
Matt grew up in Chorlton and knows our area inside out. He will make an excellent candidate because he knows what local people's priorities are and also how the Police work. Matt will stand up for Chorlton and other Greater Manchester residents.

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