Thursday, 2 August 2012

Chorlton MP welcomes huge investment for Manchester Health Research

John Leech MP has welcomed the huge investment of over £18m to fund a centre of excellence in electronic health research in Manchester.

Manchester is one four e-research centres to be setup in the UK with the University of Manchester’s Jean McFarlane Building on Oxford Rd being home to Manchester’s centre.

John Leech MP said: “We have a world-wide reputation for pioneering health research in Manchester and I am delighted the government have recognised this and made this huge investment.  This funding will mean that Manchester is leading the way in helping fight heart disease cancer and diabetes.  This investment will also result in the creation of fifteen brand new jobs as well as underpinning the wider team of 50 who work within research.  Not only will this but the centre will help provide services and software to local businesses through Greater Manchester.”

Each centre will do cutting-edge research which links electronic health records with other forms of research and data.

A range of health conditions will be investigated, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.
The Medical Research Council (MRC) announced today (Thursday) that the Health eResearch Centre (HeRC) will be set up in Manchester in partnership with the Universities of Lancaster, Liverpool and York.

The MRC, along with nine other government and charity funders, are investing £4.5 million in HeRC over the next five years, and the total activity with investments from industry and academia will be around £18 million.

HeRC will research new ways of harnessing electronic health data to improve care for patients and communities. The consortium brings together partners from academia, the NHS, local authorities and industry in a five to 10-year programme.

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