Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Former Chorlton Police Station

You may have heard that the former Chorlton Police Station has been purchased by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM). Please see below the reply I have recieved from Sir Howard Bernstein (Clerk to TfGM and Chief Executive of Manchester City Council) to my enquiry about the building's future use:

"The vacant former Police Station adjacent to Chorlton Bus Station was listed for auction on the 30th November. The property sale was being administered by Salford City Council on behalf of Greater Manchester Police who own the property.

The property lies immediately adjacent to Chorlton Bus Station on Barlow Moor Road and its main frontage is accessed only across the bus station.

There are very limited facilities at the current bus station and the addition of the former Police Station property is an opportunity to provide operator accommodation, information/ticketing facilities and enhanced passenger facilities. Given the constrained nature of the site, without this property we would be unable to do this. In addition, the potential disposal of the property to a third party could compromise the safe operation of the bus station.

Once the property is acquired TfGM will develop proposals for the redevelopment of the site with a clear intention to improve passenger and operator facilities when funds allow.

At the time of writing the acquisition has not yet been completed but we are hopeful that completion will take place soon.

Sir Howard Bernstein
Chief Executive"

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  1. It's so sad to see that another police station is being converted into another building. No matter how bad it is to one's perspective, I think the overall good of everybody has been considered in the sale and purchase of this police property.