Monday, 5 December 2011

Latest on Manchester's School Crossing Patrols

I have just spoken to Vicky Rosin, Manchester City Council's Deputy Chief Executive. She has told me that this morning an announcement was made that that the Council has found the money to save the High Risk (Red) School Crossing Patrols. This means 38 Crossings across Manchester are safe including the crossings on Manchester Road / Longford Road, Oswald Road / Nicolas Road, Longford Road / Oswald Road, and Oswald Road / Longford Road. Unfortunately the future of the crossing on St Clements Road/Vicars Road which primarily serves Chorlton CoE school is still in doubt. At Manchester's City Council meeting on Wednesday morning I will continue to press the Council to save all of Manchester's crossings including the one on St Clements Road corner. I have been told that further announcement would be made in the New Year regarding the Yellow and Green Crossings.

Today's news is thanks to the thousands of Parents, Guardians, Grandparents, Teachers and other residents that signed petitions to stop the cuts to this vital service. You can still sign the petition to Save ALL of Manchester's crossings at

I also understand that Chorlton MP John Leech has raised this issue in Parliament. He has put down an Early Day Motion ( and urged local government minister Andrew Stunell to bring forward plans to require local authorities to provide safety crossing patrols. The Minister said Manchester City Council should look very carefully at its spending priorities before it sought to offload duties onto others.

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