Thursday, 13 October 2011

"[GMP] have no intention to reduce policing levels at neighbourhood level” in Chorlton – GM Police Chief Constable

A number of residents have contacted me about the closure of the Chorlton Police Station. I understand that this is because the Old Moat ward has joined the Chorlton neighborhood policing team; and unfortunately as Chorlton Police Station is not suitable to deal with a larger policing team and requires significant investment to modernise it had to close. Chorlton Police Station had not been open to the public for a number of years. However the Police will continue to have a presence in Chorlton ward in the form of a Police Post in the Chorlton District Office. It was also mentioned that Policing in Chorlton would not suffer as a result of the move and hopefully would improve, as there are more Police officers available to deal with incidents.

I wrote to the Chief Constable to seek his reassurance that although the Police Station is set to close that Policing levels in Chorlton will remain the same. Please find attached the reply I have received (click on the picture to enlarge the image) which states: “At this time we have no intention to reduce policing levels at neighbourhood level”.

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