Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Manchester Riot Clean Up and update from GM Police

This morning I joined hundreds of other Mancunians in Picadilly Gardens to help clean up the City Centre after last night's disturbances. I was really impressed with how quickly the Council managed to clear the debris, by the huge number of people who came out to help and by the local shops, who determined not to let a tiny minority of idiots win, had clearly adopted a "business as usual" policy! Sadly a large number of businesses had seen their premises damaged and there was evidence of looting. I felt very sorry for one family Jewellers shop on Shudehill that John Leech MP and I helped clear broken glass and debris from; they had seen their shutters broken, windows smashed, stock looted and fixtures and fittings destroyed. It is these small independent businesses and their employees that will suffer
most from the mindless violence.

I have just returned from a Greater Manchester Police (South Division) briefing on the disturbances that occurred last night in parts of Manchester. Outside the city centre, the most local trouble seemed to be at the following points:

a) Wythenshawe FORUM (right next to Wythenshawe Police Station). Some people threw bricks at police officers, they were arrested

b) 'Snow and Rock'; and the Carphone Warehouse on Princess Road. Those involved were from Bury and one person was from the local area. They damaged these premises, but they were arrested before they could loot them.

c) Tree of Life centre (a charity: was also targeted. The police arrived within 9 minutes of being alerted and quickly dealt with the

The vast majority of Mancunians take pride in our city and neighbourhoods and don't want to see a repeat of last night's violence and destruction. You can report any signs of trouble to the police using the following email address: and of course on 999. The overall message from the Police was that they also are operating a 'business as usual' policy. They plan to step up Policing in the City Centre and the Chorlton neighbourhood policing team has been and will continue to be very visible around Chorlton. The Police are asking Parents to know where their children are and in the event of further disturbances they are asking residents not to go and spectate.

Please feel free to contact me if there is anything you would like me to inform the Police or Council about.

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